SKU: BCSG-Zeapon_E800
Micro 2 E800, User manual, Warranty Card, Carrying Case, 1/4"-3/8" screw, Hexagon Wrench, Data-cable, Rail band mount

Zeapon Slider Micro2 E800 (Motorized version – Original)


includes Micro 2 E800, User manual, Warranty Card, Carrying Case, 1/4″-3/8″ screw, Hexagon Wrench, Data-cable, Rail band mount

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Micro 2 E800 Motorized Version is the extended version of the classic Micro 2 double distance slider, with its travel distance reaching up to 94cm. It enables filmmakers to adapt to different shooting scenarios with great flexibility. Three support arms that come in the pack can form a four point structure with your tripod that will help with maintaining stability in motion.

Paired with a dedicated phone-based App ZEAPON LAB, awesome time lapse footage can be previewed and programmed in the App with a single tap; Timelapse Calculator intelligently makes the calculation on various timelapse parameters for you, helping every filmmaker and Vlogger capture that perfect moment, from city streets to remoted glaciers, from studio videography to car-chasing scenes, from wedding films to TVC productions.


  • Powered by high-torque step motor with minimum noise of 39 decibels.
  • Double Distance, Dual Control (Product length: 61cm, Total travel distance: 94cm, Wheel distance: 50cm).
  • Intelligent Chip.
  • Precision Structure and Super Payload (Horizontal Payload 8kg, Weight capacity in other inclined angles: 3.5kg)
  • Custom Path and Waypoints settings to create desired motions.
  • Timelapse Calculator.
  • App-based Video/PhotoShutter Control.
  • Preset Parameters for Easy Timelapse.
  • Compatible with most camera shutter release cables, allow PD Type-c charging and firmware upgrade.
  • Adjustable telescopic support legs.
  • Compatible with F550/F750/F970 standard lithium battery (*please note that batteries are not included in the box).


Weight 4.98 kg
Dimensions 71.12 × 15.24 × 14.27 cm

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