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Broncolor Octabox 150 cm (no SpeedRing)


  • octagonal-shaped softbox with a diameter of 150 cm (59.1″)
  • homogeneous illumination
  • excellent for portrait and beauty photography

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The Ultimate: The larger of the two Octaboxes. Light quality is similar to that of a rectangular Softbox of a similar size. But the octagonal form provides even more homogeneous illumination. Particularly in portrait and beauty photography the rounded reflections in the eyes are preferred to those from rectangular Softboxes.

Learn how to shoot with Octabox 150

Lighting plays an essential role when shooting e-commerce and fashion photography. It must ensure that you can shoot a high volume of images while maintaining absolute light consistency in terms of exposure and colour as well as image quality. The right studio setup will save you a lot of time for post-production and make your workflow much more efficient.

Karl Taylor and Urs Recher show you in this video how you can turn your setup into a professional fashion photography studio – with only three broncolor lights.


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Dimensions 83 × 21 × 8 cm

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