Move 1200 L in the Gobi Desert by Sails Chong
March 03, 2021

This unforgettable shooting trip was in Dunhuang, China, and the itinerary was 10 days. It was the first time for our team to do a shooting in the cold weather of minus 20 degrees (-5.6°F).

Since I started to use of Move outdoor kit, it has always been my first choice for the main light of location shooting, no other choice. In fact, a Move kit plus a Para133 is good enough for me to handle almost all outdoor shootings.

High Output Power
For the best image quality, I used a Phase One digital back for more than 90% of the shots with ISO as low as 35. Therefore, the aperture value is 1.5 stops lower than ISO100, and it is necessary to eliminate the sunlight at this setting. In this shooting mode, the broncolor Move is almost my only choice with 1200J power output.

Fast recharge time
At full power output, the recycling time is still fast enough. The temperature conditions are very cold, and the thin wedding dressed which the model wear is unable to make good expressions and posture in front of the camera for more than 30 seconds. In such a short period of time, we have to shoot and video, which requires us to be fast! We need to do the shooting as fast as possible in the shortest time with stable flashlight.

Powerpack with separate lamp head design
The split design (Powerpack + lamp head separately), you think it is more heavy compare with mono light, in fact, in our experience, it is only lighter!

Thanks to the split design, the heavy components such as the battery, power capacitor, and circuit board are all in the powerpack. The lamp head can be extremely light and compact, even it is equipped with a Para or Softbox.

The total weight is originally lighter than using two Monolights with the same accessories.

For assistants, it’s actually easier and lighter to hand-held or holding the lamp head during the shooting when we are in an unstable outdoor environment.

I also like to use the powerpack as a counterweight bag for the light stand, which is the best way to use it.

This shooting on the slippery ice surface, the assistant slipped down and broke the lamp head.

It also benefits from the split design, we can return to work immediately after quickly replacing another small lamp head.

Dual output lamp head design
From our experience, it proved that the broncolor Move kit with dual lamp heads is actually lighter than two single-piece of Monolights with the same total output power. We can also more flexible control the output power; especial we need high output power most of the time.

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