Pow(de)r of love: Artistic fineart dance shooting by Christian Weymann
March 03, 2021

“Living the dust behind”

The “Pow(d)er-Shooting” took place after an official dance workshop weekend in a private setting. The shared joy of experimentation between the dancers and myself was unique and highly professional. The exchange of ideas, the communication among each other and then the realisation went smoothly.

“Flying in the dust”

The equipment consisted of two broncolor Scoro 1600 S WiFi / RFS, 2 flash generators, two Pulso G 1600, one Unilight 1600 lamp, two softboxes 30 x 180 and one Octabox 150 cm. The complete system was set up in the open air. On the one hand for cleaning reasons but also as a pure safety measure against flour dust explosions! Be careful when using flour in closed rooms: strong flash light can cause the air saturated with flour to explode. The pictures were taken in just nine attempts. Not a single series shot.

The confluence of my photographic image ideas, the top equipment from broncolor, the use of almost 500 grams of flour as well as the professionally implemented dance-like movement and dynamics, the exact timing – everything fit. No image montage, just a slight retouching of the background, the brightness and the contrasts.

Procedure / camera settings

With my Phaseone I set the ISO to 100, shutter speed 1/1600 to reduce the ambient light as much as possible, aperture 11. The shutter speed of the camera is not decisive. The firing time of the flash, however, is. The flash freezes the flour particles and makes them visible. In these photographs, the broncolor flash unit with t 0.1 achieved a firing time of 1/4000; the individual flour particles become visible and are not photographed as “fog”. Since I needed relatively high power with the shortest possible firing times for this kind of artistic dance photography, I used two Scoro. Once again it became apparent how important it is to have absolutely reliable camera equipment and flashes. That is why I have trusted broncolor and Phaseone for a long time.


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